Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Using IT to facilitate Information Therapy : Medical Information Sources

To effectively facilitate Information Therapy, Information Technology must bring about a marriage of ideas with utility; IT has to ensure all actors in the medical ecosystem come together to improve information management for the benefit of the patient, the staff and decision-makers throughout the healthcare sector.

Medical Information Sources

IT vendors must work at creating Healthcare and Medical Information Knowledge Bases. These can be about medicines, diagnostics, decision trees, side effects, precautions, treatment data and more.

Technology should evolve to allow for more effective ways for Updating Information in such Knowledge Bases. These could be based on curation, criticism, collaboration to ensure that it is self adjusting, effective and patient-centered.

Advancements in Social Technology will provide new ways for spreading this information.
Innovation in Delivery mechanisms will provide easier ways for others to consume this information

This will help
-- Create Informed Patients
-- Create Valued Sources
-- Ensure poor sources are filtered and rejected

In the next article we'll look at How Establishing Digital Identities for Providers(Doctors/Clinics) and Provider Information Sources will enhance the spread of Information Therapy
 This is the 2nd Article in a series of Articles on Using IT to facilitate Information Therapy by Nrip Nihalani and Aditya Patkar

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